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Typhoon v1.02 writeup

10 minute read

This is a writeup for the Typhoon v1.02 machine on VulnHub. This is a highly vulnerable machine, with multiple potential entry points. There are four differe...

The five phases of ethical hacking

1 minute read

An Ethical Hacker is someone who specialises in computer security through what’s known as “Penetration Testing”, which are series of exercises carried out ag...

Post-Exploitation: spawning a shell

3 minute read

Once you have gained shell access on a machine, you will often find the prompt extremely limited, especially if you have used manual exploitation. In these c...

MSFVenom and Meterpreter: The basics

3 minute read

I just recently successfully gained root (or rather, Administrator, because it’s a Windows box) on the Devel machine in Hack The Box.