My projects

If you want to join any of these projects, feel free to contact me, or submit pull requests.

Air quality sensor

Arduino-based air quality sensor, with modularity in mind, so you can add and/or remove sensors and modules. Developed as a DIY alternative to expensive professional sensors that are very expensive and offer less functionality.


A statically generated status web page. No server software required!

Awesome Video Channels

A curated list of online video channels for learning just about anything!

Coindesk Python API Client

This library fetches Coindesk’s Bitcoin Price Index from their API.

Configuring SSH

A configuration guide for SSH clients and servers.

Messaging Apps Comparision

An ongoing effort to have an up-to-date comprehensive and exhaustive comparision of different messaging apps and protocols.

Cryptocurrency Price Telegram Bot

Periodically fetches and saves the price of different cryptocurrencies. Allows users to get subscribed to price updates and get notified when configurable thresholds are reached.


A helper extension for Visual Studio Code that makes Jekyll easier.

Inactive projects

Ideas currently on hold.


An open source, self-hosted, transactional e-mail solution to replace cloud services such as SendGrid, or MailGun.


An open source burglar alarm consisting of Arduino hardware, schematics, and wireless protocol, and firmware for the central panel, sensors, etc.

Finished projects


Ruby on Rails based monitoring suite to track clusters of computers, built from scratch, consisting in a lightweight multiplatform agent to be installed in the machines to remotely monitor, and a centralised web UI that acts as a dashboard and collects metrics for the system data, such as RAM, storage, temperature sensors, CPU usage, etc. The dashboard also allows for notifications to be configured when a threshold is reached in any of the metrics, that will result in customisable e-mail notifications being sent.